WHY ARTS was created to assure that visual and performing arts experiences in Omaha would be open to people of all ages and abilities.

Access to the arts is achieved when all people have equal opportunity to attend, participate in, and learn through arts experiences. WHY ARTS encourages arts organizations and individual artists to create or enhance inclusive education programming and opportunities. We also support artists with disabilities through mentoring and educational programming and through direct grants.

The goals of WHY ARTS are to:
Enable more people of all ages with disabilities to experience social, cognitive, and cultural development through arts learning alongside their peers without disabilities; create educational access and inclusion in the arts for students with disabilities; and provide social service agencies and arts organizations the tools they need to make inclusive education and artistic experiences available. Inclusive programs are those which have participants with and without disabilities interacting in activities together to create awareness, understanding, and respect. To create inclusive learning environments, accessible education programs engage students with and without disabilities by incorporating approaches accommodating a range of abilities, learning styles, and skills.

Everyone is welcome to work with us through advocacy, volunteering, and financial support for our programming. Join us!


Non-Discrimination Policy:  WhyArts? inc does not discriminate on race, ethnicity, religious preference, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, military service or gender in any of the arts activities we provide to the community.  Additionally, we no not discriminate in contracting with artists or individuals providing services to WhyArts?.