Your funding allows us to offer workshops to new organizations, continue activities with those with whom we are currently working, and create special projects to make available to many organizations. WhyArts? keeps operating expenses very low allowing the greatest majority of funding to be directed to artists and activities. Workshops range from $85 to $150 depending on the scope, preparation time, etc.

Donations are 100% tax deductible.

WhyArts? also offers grant writing assistance including consultation and letters of support to organizations that would like to secure their own funding for our various work shops and arts activities.

Listed below are the options by which organizations are able to take advantage of the services we make available for the benefit their constituents – and how these options are utilized.


  • WhyArts? works with the organization to help select appropriate workshops/activities
  • WhyArts? coordinates all details with the artists
  • Fees for the workshops/activities are paid through WhyArts? for distribution to artists

Family Foundations/Individual Donations

  • Funding entities are made aware of organizations that are identified as potentially benefiting from our arts activities and workshops, but have no funding sources. These organizations include senior centers, nursing homes, those serving at-risk youth, the medically fragile and disabled.
  • WhyArts? coordinates artists for the appropriate workshops/activities for the organizations in need and the funding entity
  • Fees for the workshops/activities are paid through WhyArts? for distribution to artists

Special Projects

  • WhyArts? identifies Special Projects that would have the potential of grant support and the organizations that would benefit from them. We work with these organizations by offering grant writing assistance, consultation, letters of support, and by helping to identify/donate funds to match grants.