3-D Chihuly Plastic Sculptures

Lesson Plan Title: Chihuly Plastic Sculptures

Materials: plastic bottles, acrylic/tempera paint, brushes, hole punch, string or pipe cleaners, scissors

Grade: 5-8


Vocabulary: color, form, assemblage,


  • Students will learn about glass artist Dale Chihuly and his work.
  • Students will experiment with recycled materials and and the use of a color scheme.
  • Students will create a three-dimensional sculpture through assemblage and aesthetics.


  1. Discuss Dale Chihuly as an artist, medium used, etc. and where you can find his work in Omaha.
  2. Decide if you want to do a group art piece or put students in teams.
  3. First day, paint thin plastic bottles with paint (inside or outside). Have students choose a color scheme for direction if you like. Y
  4. Second day, cut bottles with a spiral or strip technique. The goal is for the students to experiment!
  5. Second and third day, have students punch a hole into one end to attach it to another piece or single piece of string.


Reflection: What color scheme did you choose and why? What cutting techniques did you enjoy the best? Does your sculpture look like anything?


  • How to- http://mnpschihulyartlessons.blogspot.com/2010/11/chihuly-happens-at-hickman.html

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