3-D Pattern-Art Cubes

Lesson Plan Title: Pattern-Art Cubes

Materials: Pre-printed cube template, colored pencils or markers or crayons, pencil, ruler

Grade: 4-8

Vocabulary: “2d to 3d”, line, shape, form, color, pattern



  • Create three-dimensional paper sculptures from flat, two-dimensional paper.
  • Utilize line/color to create organic and geometric patterns on a surface.
  • Learn about color schemes by having the students each select a color scheme (even black and white).


  1. Show students examples of different types of line and pattern (or create a teacher’s example) so students can create their own creative patterns
  2. Discuss color wheel and color schemes and have each student decide their own scheme while they are drawing their design
  3. Once template is filled in and colored, cut template out with superb craftsmanship!
  4. Pre-fold on all lines with superb craftsmanship!
  5. Glue piece together (tabs go on inside)



Poster at Morton Middle School in Art Room