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From Ambassador Health of Omaha

WhyArts Teaching Artist Bill Hoover

Hello! This morning we had the talented Bill Hoover join us here at Ambassador Health of Omaha for Why Arts Inc. room-to-room visits. One particular patient and their spouse were moved by his visit. A new patient to the facility, this patient was seen with a big smile during an acoustic guitar performance by Bill. After Bill had left, I was approached by the patient’s spouse to thank me again for bringing Bill to visit, as it has been a long, hard road for them, and it lifted this patient’s spirits the highest they have seen in a long while.

I just wanted to share this little moment with you, as it is the perfect example of how much your time and talents impact our patients and their families with every visit and every artist you send our way. There are no words that truly hold the magnitude of our appreciation to your organization and the wonderful people in it.

Thank you for everything that you do!

Kaleigh Duffy BS, CTRS
Pulmonary Recreation Therapist
Ambassador Health of Omaha

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