Activity Bags Delivered to Community Partners

Since people can’t come to WhyArts, WhyArts is coming to the people.

Last week, 120 art + fun bags were delivered to the NorthStar Foundation, 60 for elementary school students and 60 for middle school students. The bags, created by WhyArts, contain age appropriate art lesson plans and the necessary materials plus some “extra fun stuff” for good measure.

“We created the bags to stay connected to the students we normally see in workshops but can’t because of COVID-19,” said WhyArts Program Director Stephanie Anderson. “We want them to keep being creative until we can meet again face to face.”

The bags aren’t only for students. Early this week, a set of art + fun bags was delivered to Gotta Be Me, another WhyArts community partner. Gotta Be Me, an Omaha nonprofit, was created to promote the inclusion of adults with disabilities into our communities.

The art + fun bag project was funded by a grant from the Snow-Redfern Foundation.