WhyArts takes its role as an advocate for the arts seriously. We advocate in a number of ways:

  • By sharing best practices at local, regional and national trainings and conferences
  • By participating in the annual Arts Advocacy Day activities
  • By providing a public platform to showcase the artistic and creative talents of our partners


Kids on the Block Advocacy Program

The Kids on the Block (KOB) is an educational puppet program for grades K-4 that enlightens children on the issues of disability awareness, medical-educational differences and social concerns. Each topic is thoroughly researched and provides children with the opportunity to interact with the “Kids” and address their questions regarding the specific topic. 

The programs are performed in a lively and entertaining manner and the educational curricula help to create positive attitudinal and behavioral change for present and future generations. 

All of the puppets represent the diverse population WhyArts serves. We hired and trained puppeteers from the community who match in disability diversity with the puppets they operate.

Starting January 2023, the program will be in the metro Omaha elementary schools and our community partners.

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