Benson Park

Benson Park: Under Design – 70th & Military – Artist: Mike Giron & Jennifer Radil The mural design was directly influenced … Read More

Together Mural

  Together Mural: 24 & Leavenworth – Artist: Mike Giron Creation of a mural on the south side of the … Read More

Diversability Mural

Diversability Mural: Tip Top Thrift Shop – Benson – Artist: Mike Giron  

Dazzling Practical Special Effects

Remember those eerie clouds crawling throughout the skies of numerous 80’s alien or horror flicks? If you’ve ever wanted to make those for yourself, chances are all you need to do is head out to the garage and polish up that old fish tank. Shanks Effects – a PBS Digital Studios production found on YouTube, shows viewers how to re-create many of Hollywood’s greatest effects. Safe, fun, and sure to get a WOW!

Documentary Recommendation

If you are looking for a film to watch this weekend, consider the 2004 Oscar Award-winning film, Born Into Brothels. The movie documents the life of children in Calcutta’s red light district as an American photographer teaches them to use point and shoot cameras, unveiling their struggles and giving them tools for a better future. It is an awe-inspiring film that every WhyArts artist should watch.


People have always needed  heroes.  Heroes inspire us to do great things.  Our favorite heroes don’t work to  have millions … Read More