Clay Face Sculptures – by Katie Temple

Lesson Plan Title: Clay Face Sculpting

By Katie Temple

 Materials: Clay, squirt-bottle of water, hands

 Grade: 4-8

Vocabulary: proportions, balance, symmetry, form, texture


  • Students learn facial proportions and how that relates to a three-dimensional form.
  • Use hand-building techniques to explore the steps to construct a 3D self-portrait.


  • Pass out softball size chunk of clay to each student
  • View Basic Sculpting Tutorial Video-
  • Once workshop is complete, have students place into ball and hand clay back to instructor.


Reflection: As students are creating features, have them discuss what techniques they are using. For example, a student has an expressionistic hair-do on their face, have the student discuss how they created it.


One of the best ways to learn how to 3D sculpt is to watch YouTube videos