Draw Something…an EASY, creative warm-up for anyone

Finding easy to prepare and fun warm-ups can be a task more difficult than expected.  This specific warm-up is based off the games “Draw Something” and “Telecommunications” and can be played in multiple ways and settings.

PAIRS: Students break off in pairs.  One card is given to each student.  The teacher can decide what “color group” the students should choose a word from (the orange is easy, and purple is harder).  Each student will keep the specific word he/she chooses a secret from his/her partner.    The teacher can choose a specific time limit for drawing.  When the students are finished drawing, students show their partners their drawings.  If the partner guesses the word correctly, the partner receives 2 points (etc).

This is just one way to play the game, possibilities are endless.  One great quality of a warm-up is that it can be manipulated in many different ways! Drawing Something_WhyArts?

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