Geometric Painting – by Richard Chung


Ceometric Painting – submitted by Richard Chung
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Medium: Any 2d Media, recommended Tempura or Watercolor

Grades: All

Materials: Paper (heavyweight), watercolor paint, brushes, containers for water, lids, jars of various sizes, (use for drawing/tracing circles) – or any aid to draw circles easily, rulers.

Vocabulary: abstract, composition, foreground, background, positive and negative space, color theory terms; complimentary, monotone, warm, cool.

Objectives:  Create an abstract composition. Students draw an original composition using circles or lines. Encourage overlapping of circles/lines. Have students take notice of the spatial relationship of the shapes. Use common terms to begin conversation ie crowded, busy, heavy etc.  Students then paint choosing a specific color scheme ie warm or cool colors, complimentary colors etc.

Outcomes:  This lesson is effective for both the apprehensive student as well as the engaged student. The use of basic geometric shapes gives the students the opportunity o create a composition regardless of drawing skill. It allows those who are apprehensive to safe entry in getting their hands dirty.

Support:  Download a copy of this Lesson Plan: