Girl Before The Mirror

Girl Before The Mirror – Picasso

  • Ages

    4th-12th grade

  • Materials

    White Drawing Paper, Pencils, Fine Point Sharpies, Oil Pastels

  • Vocabulary

    Line, Shape, perspective, Point of View, Profile, Abstract, Picasso

  • Focus

    Visual Art, Shape Recognition

  • Time

    45min to 1hr

  • GirlBefore
  • Students will be introduced to Pablo Picasso’s abstract world using “Girl Before a Mirror”
  • Discuss the artist’s perspective and point of view.
  • Discuss the concepts of realism vs surealism of the piece
  • Explore the story of the painting. What is the girl thinking?
  • Point out use of line, shape, color, pattern
  1. Turn paper horizontal and drawing a face shape (using pencil) in the middle of our paper. It was emphasized that the face can be ANY shape; it doesn’t HAVE to be oval.
  2. The students had to draw a “profile” line going down the middle of the face, thereby making the face look like it was actually 2 faces-a profile view, and a front view.
  3. The students then added facial characteristics, eyes, extra nose, mouths, emphasizing the use of SHAPES, and really putting their imagination to the test. They could add one ear, two, or none. It was totally up to them.
  4. To tie the faces together (unity) the last part was to draw hair. The hair must lead from one side of the paper to another and to connect to each head; making the composition flow. Then they can add patterns and colors that define the spaces and backgrounds.
  5. We traced our entire drawing using Black Sharpie & outline it with Black oil pastel

Share your picture with the class

Ask what they see as the two sides of your person

Is that what you were trying to express?


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