Handmade Journals by Felicia Webster

Lesson Plan Title: Handmade Journals  – By Felicia Webster

Medium​: mixed media

Materials: card stock, copy paper, scrapbook paper & stickers, glue, scissors, yarn, and darning needles (or you can use an awl and hammer to make the holes and silk string but more expensive) Magazines for collage covers or markers for drawing.

Grade: (​middle school- adults)

 Vocabulary:​ journaling, reflection, personal growth, emotional intelligence

Objectives: The participants will create and design handmade journals to use a creative outlet in exploring feelings and life experiences through poetry, drawing and intentional prompts.

Outcomes: Building inter personal exploration Fostering cooperation and collaboration through sharing Confidence Manage/reduce stress Creatively cope with depression Identify negative thoughts and behaviors Provide an opportunity for written positive self talk

Exercises & Directions

  • Fold 9 x 12 Card Stock in half
  • Fold 6-8 pieces of drawing, copy or lined paper in half
  • Mark position of 3 holds in paper and usen needle to open holes
  • Center the paper into the cover and mark holes to match
  • Use needle to make holes
  • Thread Needles with yarn or silk thread and sew the books together using the binders stitch.
  • Decorate book any way you like

Reflection: How did you feel creating your personal journal? Were there any challenges? Did writing in your journal in this workshop help make sense of the things that happened in your life today? Speculate as to why something happened? Is it possible to align future actions with your personal values and experiences? What steps will you implement to manifest your desired outcome?



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