Kinetic Art Connection

WhyArts visual artists Joe Broghammer and Rich Chung recently took students from Norris Middle School on a downtown arts adventure. The group traveled to the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts to see the David Brooks exhibit and Kaneko to see the John Buck show.

At Kaneko, the students were in awe of the large-scale exhibit. “They listened intently to the speaker and had a lot of questions,” Broghammer said. The show, featuring male and female artists, including paintings, drawings and sculpture. The students were also able to interact with a biomechanics exhibition.

At the Bemis, students viewed a conceptual piece from Brooks – a deconstructed combine. “It gave them a chance to see how this piece of farm equipment is made, and they also learned why it was art from one of the curators,” Broghammer said. “It opened their minds as to how art can come in different forms.”

The art visit ended – as all good art visits should – with ice cream before the students boarded the bus back to school.

Up next for this group: Broghammer and Chung will work with the students to create their own kinetic works of art.