Mandela Scholars Explore Kindness Via Art to Celebrate Namesake’s 100th Birthday

WhyArts is helping Nelson Mandela Elementary School celebrate the 100th birthday of the school’s namesake this summer by exploring kindness.

Students from kindergarten through grade three are working with WhyArts artists Kim Clark-Kaczmarek, Felicia Webster and Rowena Cage to interpret kindness artistically. Clark-Kaczmarek had her students create talking sticks to remind them to be respectful of others in a group setting. Each student put his or her name inside the stick as a way to remember that a group is made up of individuals, all of whom deserve respect.

Webster began her workshops with the third-grade scholars by hosting a brainstorming session, the results of which will be used to create a video. The students worked in groups and listed all the ways they could think of to show kindness, then shared their lists with the rest of the class.

Cage’s second-grade scholars talked about their feelings, took their “feeling temperatures,” made masks and worked on creating a song for the birthday party.

All the Mandela Scholars will present their workshop creations July 20 at the birthday celebration. For more information about the school, visit