Murals – with Aaryon “Bird” Williams

Medium: Acrylic on Wood

Materials: Paint (laytex) , brushes, water, drop cloths, paint shirts, paper plates for mixing colors

Grade: Elementary – Middle School as the site or project requests – approval from the site’s principle is required.

Vocabulary: trust, confidence, sketch, contour, grid, brush-stokes,


  • Students will work collaboratively to brainstorm ideas for the themes for the mural
  • Students will experiment the mediums to be used in the mural
  • Students will discover how to apply a grid to an image to aid in replications
  • Students will practice using their sketching and contouring skills to replicate their images.

Outcomes: Teamwork, Brainstorming, Brush techniques, Color mixing,

Exercises & Directions

Step 1. Students will start with sketching lessons and rough drafting their piece for the kids mural.

Step 2. We will draw final draft of kids Mural pieces on the actual mural and begin brush holding techniques as well as beginning brush stroke lessons.

Step 3. We begin painting the mural in layers

Step 4. Students will learn techniques pertaining to “finishing”

Reflection: is this they way to paint good art work? Am I good at painting? Does this mean I can paint more now? Did I have a lot of fun or was it work? Can hard work be fun?