Paper Line Sculptures

Lesson Plan Title: Paper Line Sculptures
Materials: Construction or cardstock papers, glue, ruler, pencil Grade: K-5

Vocabulary: “2D to 3D”, Line, Space, Texture, Movement


  • Create three-dimensional paper sculptures from flat, two-dimensional paper.
  • Take an intangible feeling or movement and translate it through sculpture (3-5 grades)
  • Learn a variety of techniques to fold paper to create form.


  1. Pass out (2) sheets of paper (different colors), glue, ruler, and pencil to each student
  2. Discuss how one paper is for your base and the other paper is to cut strips out of
  3. Demonstrate how to cut a strip out of paper (these do not need measure or to be perfect, the more organic, the better the sculpture)
  4. Have students trade paper strips to get more colors (sharing!)
  5. Demonstrate techniques on folding, twisting papers (use ruler and pencil to wrap paper around). View Support Websites below for techniques!
  6. Have students glue down pieces. Think about how to glue strips on top of other strips.

Reflection: Why is one sculpture taller than another? Which strip do you like the best and how did you make it? What feeling do you get from your sculpture?