Performers Shine at Three-Day Theatre Workshop

In this show, Little Red Riding Hood raps and a big, bad pig torments three little wolves. A live performance of “Fractured Fairy Tales” at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in downtown Omaha capped off a recent three-day theatre workshop for children and young adults with developmental disabilities hosted by the Munroe-Meyer Institute’s Recreational Therapy Department at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in partnership with WhyArts.

The participants, all members of the Camp Munroe Theater Company, prepared for the show with help from WhyArts artists Stephanie Anderson, Josh Mullady, Theresa Sindelar and Courtney Stein. They learned about puppets, storytelling, dance and movement, music and melodrama, and facets of each were incorporated into the stage productions. WhyArts artist Paula Wallace created sets and costumes for the fairy-tale themed numbers. The annual experience is meaningful for many, including those doing the teaching:

The joy of working with the Munroe Meyer Institute is in the shared experience of being together “in the moment.” From the first introduction to the excitement of mastering a new move to the butterflies in the stomach during dress rehearsal to the overwhelming electricity in the air on performance night—we experience all of these emotions together. Students, staff and spectators alike are lifted by one another and are connected in this beautiful artistry where the journey far surpasses the final destination. We are challenged, we create and —most importantly—we succeed.

– WhyArts artist Courtney Stein

The joy really comes from seeing the faces of the kids on stage and after the show. Their faces are absolutely beaming with pride at what they have accomplished. That’s what it’s truly all about for me.

– WhyArts artist Stephanie Anderson