Shadow Puppetry

Lesson Plan Title: Making Shadow Puppets – submitted by Joe Broghammer

Materials: (wood, paper, Lamp, Cardboard, tape, Pencil, Scissors, White wall)

Grade: 4th-8th

Vocabulary: (outline, shape, light waves, shadows, characters, scenery, script)

 Objectives: Students will learn how light interacts with matter. While using puppets created by students and performing shadow plays, students will learn, first-hand, what differentiates opaque, translucent, and transparent materials. They will also learn how light travels and how an object’s shadow is affected by the intensity and position of light in relation to both the object and the surface on which a shadow is cast.

Outcomes: Shadow puppetry is a great tool for teaching stories, myths and legends from cultures and religions all over the world. You can also use it as a storytelling tool for stories that children write by themselves or as a group.

Directions: Students will tear, trace or draw figures, scenery, & props. Then fix them onto sticks (bamboo sticks, popsicle stick or straws work well) outline details are most important. Set up shadow screen with light source behind the cloth.  Have student manipulate their puppets to create movement and stories!

Reflection: Did you need more or less detail in the outlines to make them recognizable.  What kind of stories would work best for this type of theater?  What story would you like to tell next?