Abby Phoenix

Kim Jubenville

Dance, Theatre, Yoga

I am an Art Educator, Yoga Teacher, Performance Artist, Dancer, Fashion/Costume Designer working to educate, participate, and serve as a mentor and creative catalyst. My life’s work is integral in cultivating community wholeness, on a grass-roots level, through public event coordinating and the Arts.

I am inspired to help people, of all ages, connect to their truths and express themselves, through performance and mixed media visual art forms.  I love the transformation and insight that can happen through performance art and the concept that both the artist and the audience play a part of the process and can experience a powerful catharsis.  Through Art-making (ie: mask-making, costuming, props), Movement exploration, Self-Referred Choreography, Environment, and World Mythos, I lead students through the process of creating a unique storytelling experience, that empowers their journey.  Each performance is unique and a true collaboration of participants.  Performances might be for class mates or for a larger audience, depending on the project.