Daryn Richardson

Theresa Sindelar

Visual Artist and Specialist

Daryn Richardson is a 23-year veteran of helping adults with intellectual disabilities reach their full potential. Collaborating with teachers, psychologists, parents and others, Daryn has facilitated the creation of sustainable programs and services that lead to good jobs, safe places to live and a quality of life based on the desires of the individual. Daryn serves as the Services Development Director for VODEC, a private non-profit in the Omaha-Lincoln Area. VODEC is a valued community partner of WhyArts and Daryns is happy to consult with WhyArts as they develop programming for our clients with physical or intellectual disabilities.
Daryn is also a visual artist specializing in drawing and graphic design. He understands the unique value the arts can bring to these populations. In collaboration with WhyArts and the Nebraska Arts Council, Daryn created the first ever community-based fine art program for students in transition at VODEC.
Daryn is a Past-President of the Human Services Advisory Council, Past-President of the Iowa Chapter of APSE and served two- terms as a Municipal Housing Commissioner. Daryn was appointed by Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa to the State Rehabilitation Council. Daryn also serves on The (Iowa) Olmstead Consumer Taskforce, The Henry K Petersen Board and The OPS Superintendent’s Special Education Advisory Committee, and the Nebraska APSE Chapter