Doran Schmidt

Kim Jubenville

Theatre Artist

Art transforms lives and communities; everyone deserves the opportunity to discover their inner artist.  I am honored to serve, learn and teach with WhyArts, an organization that helps to provide the ever-diverse experience of art to the ever-diverse humans of Omaha.

My art-forms include music, theatre, voice and movement, creative drama, dance, teaching, and parenting. I have been a musical director at most area theaters and have taught workshops, camps and classes with both the Rose and The Playhouse. I hold a B.F.A. in Musical Theatre from MSU and an M.A. in Theatre (with emphasis in Music Direction) from UNO. Currently I teach Intro to Theatre and Voice & Singing for the Actor at UNO.

I believe everyone, with the right circumstances, adaptations and energy, is an artist.  My daughter has been my greatest teacher in this regard.  She sustained major brain damage at birth, and though she doesn’t speak or move like other children, she loves singing and dancing in her own amazing way. It is possible to provide healthy guidelines for artistry without confining it to stale definitions of what can’t be.  It is our job as teaching artists to help facilitate what CAN be.