Georgie Kuhl

Kim Jubenville

Dance & Movement

Can’t dance? 2 Left feet? No rhythm? Great news-if you can breathe, you can move. And if you can move, you can “dance”. I have heard just about every excuse imaginable for not dancing. But once the music starts, you’ll be moving, and having FUN! I have been part of the Omaha and Phoenix AZ dance communities for over twenty five years. I am a lifelong learner, a dance teacher, a choreographer, a semi-professional performer, master teacher, group fitness instructor, and I hold various speciality certifications in Parkinson’s specific exercise modalities. I am excited to be a part of Why Arts amazing community outreach. I believe strongly in the value of music to enrich lives. It is the universal language of communication and movement. I invite you to join me in a “moving music experience”, anywhere, anytime, any place! Be prepared to have FUN!