Jessica Moore

Theresa Sindelar

Music and visual Artist

Teaching artist with background in musical stage performance. Started performing musically on stage at a very young age. Toured with young musicians playing covers from the 50’s to the top 40. Spent many years in music theatre as a Linda Ronstadt Impersonator. Playing piano, drums, ukulele, woodwinds and many other instruments in projects, for pleasure and have been teaching vocals, piano and general music theory for 20+ years.
Jessica also is very versed in the physical arts as well. She built an online business of upcycling textiles, making cosplay costumes and all types of props, making most items out of well, trash! She loves to collect and reproduce miniature for table top games, dollhouses or for enjoyment.

Reserved is a special place in her heart for puppets as she has been making them since she was a kid! She has been acting and incorporating puppets into some performances recently.
Lastly, her mission is to advocate for people with all disabilities, with extra focus on Autism and Asperger’s.