Josh Mullady


Picture of Josh Mullady
Theatre Artist

I am an artist, and I am fortunate to say this. I started as a wee lad with a Fraggle Rock drumset, and since then I was either playing music, drawing cartoon characters, or performing in a band, play, or whatever stage I could get my feet on.

I’ve lived my adult life knowing nothing else except I would be involved in the arts, and most likely teaching it somewhere. I’ve been fortunate to have had the experiences I’ve had. In the last 15 years I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be involved with somewhere near 150 productions, from my start as Eeyore at the Grand Opera House in Dubuque, IA, to my latest home in Omaha, Ne. Here, I’ve been a part of productions at The Rose; Omaha Community Playhouse; Brigit St. Brigit; SNAP! Productions; F-Troupe Collaborative; and SkullDuggery Productions. In between, I’ve performed with many other wonderful groups in the Midwest and down South I was a company member with the Texas Shakespeare Festival for three seasons.

I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa as the first person to receive all three emphases in Theater: Performance; Design and Production; and Drama for Youth. While there I acted, directed, designed scenery, lighting and sound, helped start a 10-minute play festival and stand up comedy night, was President of the Student Theater Association, a TA in both the classroom and the scenic studio, did workshops with people ages 5-85, and occasionally slept . It didn’t matter, because I was living my dream. I got to be whatever I wanted to be, and as an artist it was the perfect training ground.

Now, in Omaha, I get to take all of these past experiences and put them to good use as an artist with WhyArts? And for that, I again, am fortunate.