Katherine Scarpello


Visual Artist

Katherine is an artist and art facilitator based in Omaha, Neb. Katherine received her BASA in 3-Dimensional Studies and Minor Studies in Nonprofit Management and Art History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. With artistic emphasis in photography, sculpture, and printmaking, Katherine strives to take the fundamental tools of cross mediums in order to direct students or mentees through the process of creating. Specifically, taking the fundamentals of art and creating connections between the development of a piece of work and the therapeutic act of creation.

Katherine says, “The objective in my career is to break the barrier that so many believe to be true in the arts. This is that creating art needs to be an all-encompassing process that has the end goal of showing in a gallery space, public forum, or that the work in itself must be something ‘pretty’. Creating work; being creative, is and should always be about the analysis of opening one’s mind in a way we are no longer traditionally taught. I have never been considerably technique driven in my own work; although it can be important, I believe in the concept and connections far more than the final result.