Kathleen Keller


Picture of Kathleen Keller
Drawing and Painting Artist

Beginning as a child, Kathleen Keller found her identity in drawing and painting. Once in college, she began in the fine arts department and pursued a major in the helping profession of Occupational Therapy. Based in the foundations of neurological sciences, psychology and the creative arts, Occupational Therapy uses meaningful activity to nurture the individual’s improved physical function and sense of well being.  In this role she has subsequently worked with children and young adults with special needs and their families.  In the midst of this, she pursued personal development of her artistic skills having contributed to local art exhibits and produced commissioned work.

As an experienced artist and therapist who understands the healing power of art, she believes that creativity is a vibrant force which when used to express ourselves can actually improve our physical and mental health.  In assisting others with their creative work, she states, “I love to watch people during the process of art making and sharing their art.  It is such a joy as they find their artistic voice to clarify their sense of identity and gain personal confidence and a sense of empowerment.”

For the past three years, Kathleen has produced and contributed art work for the ‘Journey to Wholeness’ Abuse Survivors art exhibit.  She is also a founding board member and artist mentor for ArtWorx, a non-profit organization whose mission it is to expand the use of visual and expressive arts in order to nurture the healing process of those who have experienced abuse, trauma, or neglect.  Her unique mix of artistic and therapeutic skills allow her to assist others in creating personal, expressive art that promotes their healing, improves their quality of life, and builds their creative skill set.  Because of this, she is honored and excited to be a part of the professional WhyArts? Team who use their creative expertise to contribute so much to the lives of those they serve.