Katy Jones

Theresa Sindelar

Visual Artist

Katy Jones is a sculptor born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. After earning her Bachelor of Arts with a professional emphasis in Art, from Doane University, she moved to Hays, Kansas to earn her Master of Fine Arts in sculpture, metal casting, blacksmithing, and fabrication, from Fort Hays State University. Katy has exhibited at the state and national level and after a brief hiatus from the art world that brought her back to her home state, she is currently at Midland University as an assistant professor of art and design.

Katy’s sculptural forms are created around the psychology of illusions, perception, experience, truths, and deception, bringing attention to how they affect our sense of self-constructed identities. Her work also investigates the effect our complicit acceptance of other’s illusions within interpersonal and group relationships. Katy utilizes anthropomorphic, figurative forms to give life to these narratives. Ultimately these forms, inspired by personal experience, observations, and the experiences of others confront this sense of constructed illusion and deception that we are faced with every day, while simultaneously expressing the basic animalistic impulses all human share, which must be navigated with each individual’s personal, subjective sense of truth.