Kim Jubenville


Picture of Kim Jubenville
Theatre, Movement, Storytelling

I’m thrilled to be joining the Why Arts wonderful roster of artists. I’ve been acting professionally and semi-professionally for over 30 years. When I moved to Omaha almost 25 years ago I found an amazingly vibrant and diverse artistic community. I’ve participated as an actor, director, guest artist, mentor, drama coach and volunteer mom. I’ve taught through the Nebraska Theatre Caravan, VSA, Millard and OPS school districts . I have performed on many area stages, recorded a number of voice-overs for both commercials and film. I believe we all have gifts to share. I believe there is an artist in all of us regardless of age or our physical limits. We may not know where the artist lies or how the artist wants to emerge. But then, that’s my job: to ask it to “come out and play!”