Lisa Kalantjakos


Picture of Lisa Kalantjakos
Visual/Creative Movement Artist

Lisa Kalantjakos has been a part of WhyArts? for nine years now. Her diverse overseas background and degrees in studio art, education, and dance, have allowed for many rich art experiences with budding and experienced artists of all ages. Some of the organizations for which she has conducted workshops and residencies include: MOSAIC, VODEC, The Douglas County Health Center, New Cassel Retirement Center, Heartland Family Services, Dora Bingel Senior Center, Quality Living Institute, Intercultural Senior Center, Seven Oaks, Maple Ridge Resort, The Omaha Children’s Museum, Ollie Webb, The Bemis Museum of Contemporary Art, KIDS CAN, as well as for Campfire and OPS at various OPS locations.

Lisa’s workshops focus on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional visual art, creative movement, and music. Artists are encouraged to draw/paint/sculpt using the medium as they see fit. Emphasis is given to individual expression, group expression, and process. Creative movement workshops include an exploration of space, meter, rhythm, floorwork, combinations, and many chances for dancers to express themselves through their own choreography.In both visual arts and creative movement workshops, Lisa enjoys using the music and instruments of other cultures to take the artists on journeys around the world.