Matt Bross


Picture of Matt Bross
Theatre, Photographer/Videographer

Matt has worked with Why Arts for many years as an educator and a photographer/videographer. He has documented numerous WhyArts projects by co-creating photography displays and short-form documentaries. As an educator, Matt has led workshops in acting, video production, photography, and visual arts. He holds a degree in Theatre from the University of Nebraska Lincoln and has been involved in the creation of music, theatre and film for over 15 years. Matt is the co-owner of OnPxl, a multimedia design company.

“I enjoy working with Why Arts because it allows people of all backgrounds to open up and express themselves. I have seen people open up to find something new within themselves that they never knew they had. It is truly rewarding work for everybody involved.”

WhyArts  continues to partner with OnPxl. and Matt also serves on our board of directors.