Matthew Bailey

Kim Jubenville

Dance, Graphic Design, Theatre

Matt (He/They) is a multi-hyphenate creative based in Omaha, Nebraska by way of Springfield, Ne. He graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a BFA in art; emphasis in graphic design. He is a freelance graphic designer specializing in branding, video, and illustration for entrepreneurs, small business, and nonprofits. You can find his work at

In addition to his creative endeavors, Matt has participated in theatrical productions for more than a decade. Favorites include Heather’s: the musical at the BlueBarn, Godspell at the Lofte community theatre.

Since the pandemic, Matt has introduced dance and performance as a core discipline in his art practice. Natalie Hanson, Gayle Rocz and Matt have received an Amplify Generator Space grant for spring 2022 to collaborate on a experimental multimedia dance theatre piece.

Matt is beyond excited to teach folks the power of interdisciplinary creativity and how it can give the skills needed to get you anywhere you want to go.