Michael Fitzsimmons


Picture of Michael Fitzsimmons
Percussionist, Composer

Michael Fitzsimmons is a percussionist, an award winning composer, and a performance and recording artist with Dancing Man Music.com. His most recent recordings include Skin on Skin (2002), which garnered him a Nebraska Arts Council Fellowship Award. Michael performs his Drums of the World concerts throughout the Midwest.

He is a leader of full day music workshops with Creative Healing for therapists, school teachers, hospital teams, and individual groups. He is a skilled performer of diverse percussion instruments including drums, African instruments, Mbira (thumb piano), Plains Indian flutes, Brazilian percussion flutes, various bamboo flutes, and Hang Drum from Bern Switzerland.

Michael says of his experience with WhyArts?… “I love my experiences with this program. In particular I love playing for and drumming with very special people at House of Hope, Munroe Meyers, University of Nebraska Medical Center, VODEC, Quality Living Inc. – all the places served by WhyArts! I love seeing the joy on peoples faces as they let loose and play drums and spontaneously break into dance. Their joy is infectious! I always leave these WhyArts? performances with so much more than I came with! It is a privilege to be part of a program that contributes so much to my community.”