Paula S. Wallace


Picture of Paula S. Wallace
Visual Artist

“Much of my work has found its genesis in literature, theater, music, or the spiritual. While most of my work is figurative with an emphasis on the human face, my range of styles may be from representational to whimsical. Often I employ an uncluttered or almost austere background, permitting the viewer to be wholly engaged with the subject of the painting or print, concentrating on the intimacy of that encounter, the imperative of a glance or gesture.

I enjoy the collaborative process, understanding that collaboration is not only key to enriched creativity, but also to successful personal, professional, and community relationships. Art is the language of my work: to delight in beauty and to share in the human experience and its many emotions are aspects of that language. What better way to explore the themes and characters in the narratives we know as folk tale, in poetry, or stories of the day to day? Why not record our delight and dismay, our history and our astonishment through the lens of the artist, a visual language?

Art is its most powerful in context. Literature brings the might of word, art the visual might of the imagination. I marvel when I see work by artists who use a visual language to tell a story, to understand history and humanity, to give form to the word. So much can be said in a Chagall or a Caravaggio painting or in an illustration by Barry Moser or Arthur Rackham.”

Ms. Wallace is a graduate of the University of Iowa, with additional study in Chicago and Ireland. She maintains a studio at the Hot Shops Art Center in Omaha, Nebraska, and exhibits widely. Her work is held in private collections internationally .