Rowena Cage


Visual Artist

Rowena Cage is a visual artist who specializes in mixed media acrylic art and is well know for her bright and vibrant art and the fun names she comes up with for her art collections like her Flowerspheres series, Whimsical Women and Tinsy Thoughts Art Cards.

Rowena has always loved art, even as a young girl she loved to draw but, with the support of her family her artistic skills have blossomed and she continues on her artistic journey which she refers to as “dancing to the rhythm of the universe”, free to be and do whatever she can imagine.

Rowena is especially inspired by the human spirit and helps others achieve confidence in the art they create. Witnessing her students’ breakthroughs pushes Rowena into an even greater understanding and appreciation of what art truly is.

Rowena has worked with organizations such as Why Arts, Inc, Classic Upward Bound, Calvary Church -JUMP, Education Talent Search and the Omaha Kroc Center sharing her passion and love for art with young minds. She ignites creativity and positivity of her students through her Paint & Purge: Art, Heart & Healing workshops where attendees go through a process of purging negative energy and thought processes and replaces them with positive words of affirmation to create unique and uplifting works of art that renew the mind, heart and soul.