Stephanie Anderson


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Theatre Artist

After studying Dramatic Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Nebraska-Omaha I began working as an instructor and director with what was then called the Emmy Gifford Children’s Theater, and is currently known as the Rose Theater. In my 14 years with the professional children’s theater, I directed countless productions including The Sound Of Music, The King and I, Bambi, The Boxcar Children, and the national touring production of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters. As an instructor with the children’s theater I worked with children age 4-18 both as performers and as students in classes.

For the last ten years or so I have worked with Campfire USA; performing in two plays in local elementary schools. The first play, the Bubbylonian Encounter, serves to teach young children about inappropriate touch and what to do. The second play, The Adventures of Natalie the Net Nanny, teaches internet safety to upper-elementary students.

Although my background is primarily working with children, through my work with WhyArts I have discovered a love for working with adults and senior citizens as well. Whether a person is 4 or 104, the arts have something to teach us all.