Susannah Odom

Theresa Sindelar

Dancing Classroom Instructor

Susannah Odom is married with three children, ages 13, 10 and 5; and two St Bernards, Whiskey and Hazel. She grew up in a military family and continued to travel until she came to Omaha in 2009. Biking, gardening, and volleyball are among her passions. She loves social dancing in general and swing and Latin dances in particular, taking classes whenever she can fit them into her schedule. She studied at The Ohio State University, at Hawaii Pacific University, and at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. Since moving to Omaha, she and her kids have been exploring the city’s parks, playgrounds, bike trails, museums, and cultural activities. In January of 2018, she joined an all ladies Urban Kiz dance team which recently debuted choreography by Marta Mignone. Dancing Classrooms has been the opportunity she never anticipated and Susannah is thrilled to be part of this amazing social and emotional development program.