Tiana Conyers

Kim Jubenville

Teaching Artist

Tiana Conyers is a 22-year-old Black illustrator in Omaha, Nebraska and among her many artistic achievements, her greatest yet was being the Lead Artist of, “We Thrive in Middle Spaces”, a billboard illustration series featuring LGBTQIA2S+ Omahans of color. What started out as Conyers staying up too late watching anime and playing video games with her siblings has flourished into a healthy obsession with character design, drawing comics, and an undying love for all things brightly colored. As a fat, queer, Black woman, Conyers is constantly seeking out and seeking to curate spaces for people who take up space in the world like her. Conyers opened her online shop in January 2020, where she sells fan art and original art in the form of stickers, art prints (that she prints herself!), coloring book pages, greeting cards, and much more, all hand packaged and fulfilled by her!