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2-D Shape Robots

  • Ages

    All Ages & Abilities

  • Materials

    Paper, pencils, scissors, markers

  • Vocabulary

    trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, shape, line, pattern

  • Focus

    Visual Art, Shape Recognition

  • Robot2
  • Robot1
  • Students explore the use of advanced shapes (shapes that are not just a square, circle, triangle) in an effort to trigger creativity.
  • Students use different media of collage to communicate ideas and stories.
  1. Pass out scrap paper or 2 sheets of different colored paper to each student.
  2. Demonstrate each portion of the robot (i.e., how to cut out a trapezoid head, hexagon body, rectangular legs/hands). Have the students cut as you demonstrate each piece.
  3. Once all pieces are cut, have students glue pieces down.
  4. Pass out ink sharpies (wait until they have everything glued), and demonstrate what they can add (i.e., eyes, lines, patterns, buttons, wires)
  • What is your robot’s name?
  • What does he do?
  • How many shapes did you use to make him/her

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