Wakonda Students Learn to Write with Light

Students from Wakonda Elementary School learned how to write with light in a Feb. 28 workshop led by WhyArts artists Matt Bross and Abby Queal. Bross and Queal help them use lights, glow sticks and a camera to capture words and images in the air. The students came up with their own words and imagery. After each photo, the young artists reviewed the result and then made adjustments to create the final images. “The biggest challenge they faced was writing the letters backward so they appeared in the right direction for the camera,” Bross said.

Wakonda is one of four elementary schools and six middle schools participating in WhyArts after school workshops associated with light at KAKENKO, an interactive and visual art experience that explores art and science. Following the workshops, each school toured the exhibit. For more information about light, visit www.thekaneko.org.