Why I…

WhyArts is made possible because of many people – those who teach for us, those who partner with us, those who serve us, those who support us and those who love us. We are grateful for who they are and who they’ve helped us become. Below are some reasons why we hope you’ll consider a donation to WhyArts.



“I started teaching for WhyArts because it gave me an opportunity to get out in the community. I stayed on with WhyArts because it gives me a chance to create work across a wide spectrum of media with a wide group of students and clients. It’s informed my own work more than I could have ever imagined.”

Tom McLaughlin
WhyArts visual artist


“I love WhyArts because they are amazing artists – they are just incredible. It’s just an amazing nonprofit…they are amazing at what they do.”

Jace Morris
Gotta Be Me intern


I serve on the WhyArts Board of Directors for a couple of reasons. One is the mission statement, which is to provide the arts in any way, shape or form to underserved populations. As the parent of a child with a disability, it’s important to my husband and I that he get that same opportunity to create things and maybe find a hidden talent we weren’t aware of. I love the way WhyArts nurtures its artists when they’re working with people with disabilities, because it’s important that the artist is comfortable. As parents of children with disabilities, we know they’re more alike than different. They want to do the same things, but there might be some different ways you need to communicate with them.

Mary McHale
WhyArts Governing Board of Directors


“We partnered with WhyArts and its Dancing Classrooms program this year with my advanced acting class to build bonds with one another in a way that had never been explored before. I’ve seen greater empathy, compassion and fun from my advanced acting students. And our ACP students here at Westside get these extra opportunities for socialization, fun and learning in a fun environment where they learn how to dance.”

Jeremy Stoll
Westside High School

“Completely Kids partners with WhyArts because we believe in the importance of art education for all kids. We know how important it is for our kids to have those high quality experiences so they can develop the skills to be the people they want to be. Thank you, WhyArts!”

Carla Rizzo
Completely Kids