Works in Progress: a WhyArts After-School Project

WhyArts teaching artist Aayron “Bird” Williams.

Works in progress from students at three Omaha middle schools will be on display at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Dec. 4-11.

The pieces – not yet finished – are being created by students from King Science, McMillan and Nathan Hale magnet middle schools with the help of WhyArts artist Aaryon “Bird” Williams. Over the course of eight weeks during a series of 45-minute sessions after school, Williams is taking these students through the principles and elements of art and the basics of sketching, drawing and color theory.

Each budding artist has a chance to experiment with pencil, crayon, pastels, watercolor, marker and tempera – all while building their art vocabulary, technique and confidence. “These pieces, while all unfinished, represent 45 minutes of creativity,” said Kim Jubenville, director of school programming at WhyArts.

The work will be on display in the lobby of the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center at UNO.