The back of a young persons head while they are using a marker to create a design on a plate

Youth Engagement

Two women wearing aprons and sitting at a table using sponges and paint

Disability Programming

Approximately ten humans wearing black and each holding up a puppet. The puppets appear to be young and are all various bright colors. Text: Thank You


Two men and one woman smile while facing the camera. One man is wearing a pirates eye patch and the woman is holding a large multi colored cardboard seahorse


Older man looking at older woman, both are smiling. The man is holding the woman's arm up over her head

Senior Engagement

Email Updates

Generous support is provided by:

National endowment for the arts
Dancing classrooms
American Arts Alliance
Nebraska arts council
The Sherwood foundation
Omaha Public Schools foundation
Mutual of Omaha
Cox Charities
Lincoln Financial Group