Melissa Lindsay

Theresa Sindelar

Kids on the Block Puppeteer

When I was in elementary school I participated in Saturday morning theater classes at The Rose. That really got me interested in acting.
I’ve been in the Munroe Meyer theater camps and Ollie Webb classes. My first real speaking role was in an Ollie Webb play where I played a witch (Baba Yaga).
It was a perfect fit! I love playing spooky and quirky characters!
My first puppeteer experience was in a 3-headed dog puppet named Cerberus. It felt like I WAS the 3-headed dog! That too was a perfect fit!

Being able to be a part of theater has helped me control my Aspergers and grow socially. I’ve met many new friends through theater and especially the
kids like me! I am very happy to be a part of the Kids On The Block Puppeteer program and even more–helping others to understand disabilities through puppets!

In my free time I love playing with my Beagle dog Ziggy, eating sushi, art classes, and yoga. We love going to Broadway shows that come to Omaha.
My favorites are Hamilton, Hadestown and Lion King.