Nina Cullum

Theresa Sindelar

Kids on the Block Puppeteer

My name is Nina Cullum. I saw the puppeteers at Gene Leahy Park and wanted to be a part of that program. I auditioned and was accepted. I have always wanted to teach others about being disabled. Now I have a chance to do that with my favorite humans—kids! I was in The Hobbit with Circle Theater and am currently working with Anastasis Theater for an upcoming play. I have been a member of Miss Amazing for several years, which is a pageant for disabled girls and women. I am currently Nebraska Queen for the Mentor category and competed, nationally, in Chicago. I love to sing and have a goal of writing a song. I am learning sign language and want to become proficient in the art.

Being disabled is a part of who I am, but it doesn’t define the whole me. I have spina bifida and one leg amputated, but that doesn’t stop me from chasing my dreams and accomplishing my goals.