Sheila Johns

Theresa Sindelar

Visual Artist

Throughout my life I have dabbled in many different forms of creativity. My first venture was cosmetology and I worked in that field for several years, later expanding into other art forms.
I like to try new things and familiarize myself with a broad range of mediums. My artistic explorations include pencil/graphite, gouache, acrylics, oil, colored pencil, marker, pen-brush and ink and airbrush. I like to explore new ideas and have had some fun trying mixed media on canvas. Photography and floral design are also in my wheelhouse
I have always embraced the arts and love being able to learn and develop creatively. After graduating from The School of Commercial Art I expanded my knowledge by earning Batchelor of Arts degree in computer graphics from the College of Saint Mary. Using this education, I designed advertising and promotional materials for the telephone directory you may remember as US WEST direct or US WEST DEX.
I am now retired and loving my time making art however and whenever I can. You can browse some of my creations on Facebook under “Sheila’s Originals”